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The benefits of calendula oil can be attributed to its medicinal properties. This oil possesses anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, antiseptic and antimicrobial properties. At the same time, it is so mild that it can be used on infants and young children as well. Even people having sensitive skin can also benefit from this oil. A few of the most well-known calendula oil benefits are enumerated below:

Calendula oil is an excellent remedy for soothing and moisturizing dry and chapped skin.

Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, calendula oil can be used for skin sores and inflammation. It can relieve the swelling and inflammation caused by bruises or muscle sprains as well.

This oil is gentle enough to be used on babies or infants. Using calendula oil for diaper rash can help to provide significant relief of this skin condition.

The oil extracted from calendula blossoms can also be used for accelerating the healing of minor cuts or wounds, acne, burns, insect bites, bed sores and sore feet.

People suffering from dermatitis, psoriasis and eczema can also benefit from the topical application of calendula extract and oil. This oil can reduce the skin inflammation associated with such conditions.

Apart from these, you can use calendula oil for scars, or for preventing or reducing the formation of scar tissue. Oil derived from calendula can increase the collagen level, and this is the reason why it can prevent the formation of scar tissue, while facilitating the healing of wounds.

So, calendula oil can be considered as one of the most beneficial oils for maintaining a healthy and problem free skin. It can be termed as an invaluable oil, when it comes to skin care. Using this oil for massaging the skin can help in cell regeneration, besides making your skin soft, supple and radiant.
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